Welcome to Rockin' Double J Farm!

Located in Monroe, North Carolina, approximately 45 minutes from Charlotte, we specialize in offering the finest Rocky Mountain Horses and matching the ideal horse to the wants and needs of each individual buyer or rider. 

All of our horses are bred for conformation, athletic ability and temperament, along with a smooth four beat gait. When most people think of gaited horses, they think of hot horses with exaggerated gaits that take a lot of energy and concentration to ride. Or, they think of a horse that needs big bits and extensive training to make them gait. At Rockin' Double J Farm, we are not interested in breeding that type of horse. Instead, we are dedicated to producing horses that are born with a natural, smooth four beat traveling gait, along with a calm, people loving personality. Our horses are bred so that when you hit the trail, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

Each and every horse horse offered for sale is personally selected by owners, Judy and Jim Mezzanotte based on temperament, composure and smoothness. Honesty, quality and paramount customer service are the foundation and substance of our reputation. We care about you and our horse's future. Our Rocky Mountain Horses only leave us to become family members. 

Please feel free to come out, meet us, and get to know our wonderful horses. Contact us to make arrangements!

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