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Both, the Rocky Mountain Horse and the Kentucky Mountain Horse share the same rich history and beginnings in the hills of eastern Kentucky. For over 200 years, this breed of horse has lived and flourished in the mountains and valleys from Winchester to Prestonsburg, including their introduction at Natural Bridge State Park by Sam Tuttle. Mountain Horses were originally bred for varied uses on the family farms including the more recent day farms of the Kilburns, Prewitts, Robinsons and many others. The strength and versatility of these horses became part of local legend, but remained a relative secret until 1986, when the Rocky Mountain Horse Association was formed to maintain and promote the breed. In 1989, Robert Robinson, Jr. formed the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association to document and preserve the ancestry and rich heritage of the Mountain Saddle Horse. Many of our horses are double-registered as a result.

Mountain Horses have quickly become known for more than their strength and versatility. Breed enthusiasts have come to appreciate and desire their intelligence, their willingness and most notably, their smooth and natural gait. They are sure footed on rough ground and, because of their gait, require minimum effort by both, horse and rider, making them ideal mounts for pleasure, trail and endurance riding. As show horses, the breed is rapidly gaining in popularity because of its incredible beauty and unique way of moving in the ring. Most recently, Mountain Horses are being used in therapy to help children, adolescents, and families. Due to its sweet and calm temperament, the Mountain Horse is truly the best all-around horse you can imagine.

Our horses are bred for their gentle temperament, beauty, smooth gait and willing spirit. They make wonderful family horses and we guarantee that you will fall in love with them!

Please check out this video, demonstrating the incredible willingness and versatility of our horses: