Cheyenne Kee grew up at Rockin' Double J Farm as the granddaughter of owners, Jim and Judy Mezzanotte.  From the moment she began visiting the farm at the age of four, she grew an instant connection to the horses and specifically Mountain Horses.  She began riding and showing around the age of six.

Over the years, she has been trained by some of the best in the Mountain Horse business, as well as developing her equitation knowledge from one of the best Paso Fino trainers in our area, as well as one of the best equitation experts in the Mountain Horse industry.     

It was around the age of thirteen when Cheyenne began spending the better part of her summers in the State of Kentucky as a student with some of the most influential trainers in the mountain horse industry. Due to the limited amount of true knowledge about the Mountain Horse, as well as the lack of professional trainers in our area, she devoted her time as a student of the mountain horse industry. 

She has put that training to use at Rockin’ Double J Farm.  Not only has she represented Rockin' Double J Farm as a very successful youth rider in the show circuits, she has now gained her professional status where she is having a very successful professional career both in the show ring, and in training and providing quality Mountain Horses to those in the market to purchase a steady, well trained trail companion.

Cheyenne specializes in Mountain Horses and Rockin’ Double J Farm specializes in trail horses.  The skills and the training techniques she has attained in riding and showing with various trainers of the Mountain Horse breeds have made it possible for her to use those talents, together with her love for horses, to take a horse from his/her introduction to a saddle for the first time to a seasoned, well behaved trail horse.  She is also very successful in working with horses that may be more difficult and have some issues which may need to be worked on.

 She has started many Rockin’ Double J horses from the ground up and has worked with many client horses to assist their owners in working together more closely.  We look forward to continuing this family tradition for generations to come.

Rockin’ Double J Farm is fortunate to have Cheyenne on our team.  Please check out some videos below and consider Cheyenne to train your next family horse, whether it be for trail, show or pleasure.